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Our nude collection has just welcomed a new buddy. In the range, his place will be right next to BIJOU for its taupe-gray notes (a lighter tone) and OCETA for its slightly brown and pearly side. With Moon, we offer you a nude gray-taupe glossy with a copper-colored mother-of-pearl all in finesse. This pearly bronze effect gives luminosity and elegance to this shade. It will therefore lend itself to all your occasions, as much an invitation to the restaurant as a small business meeting. It will therefore highlight your nails in all seasons and in all circumstances.



When a new Nude Experience shade is developed, its name matters a lot! It must be totally correlated with this new shade. This meaning must be linked to its colors, its visual in our bottle and the feeling felt during its application.

For our little MOON , we wanted to create a spirit around a universe that has always been present in our lives, which everyone dreams of getting but very few people set foot there: The Moon (Moon in English). Whether black or full, the moon has always been seen as mystical and in the case of MOON , it is the moon dust that inspires us. We wanted to offer you a shade whose gray-taupe application will bewitch you with its fine copper particles.

Made in France , MOON is no exception to the rule. This shade has a covering texture from the first application. During the second coat you will simply intensify the color and the mother-of-pearl. Golden rule, always wear a base and a top coat! We can't repeat it enough.



All the shades of Nude Experience are enriched with Aloe Vera and Linseed oil to take care of your nails. Some shades also have a natural extract or oil which is added in addition depending on its color. For Moon, we have selected a natural extract of brown algae, well known for their richness in vitamins and minerals. All our shades are vegan and Cruelty Free and Moon would have departed from our values.


Price: 9,90 € per bottle of 9ml.