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Top Coat

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Your last step for a perfect manicure: our Top Coat! Giving a unique shine and glow to your nails, and an optimized protection.

Made in France

9 ml - 0,3 oz


Our nail polishes are therefore much more respectful of the health of your nails than most nailpolishes found in the cosmectics industry. We allow you to beautify your nails without risking their health.

Our nail polishes are all certified 6 free, but what does it mean? A 6 free nail polish is a nail polish free from all major harmful components:

  1. toluene
  2. dibutyl phtalate (DBT)
  3. formaldehyde
  4. campher
  5. xylene
  6. paraben
1900 Items

Data sheet

6 Free


Keep away from children. Do not ingest. Keep at room temperature.

The final touch to your manucure!

  1. First, make sure that the last coat is completly dried. It would be a great pity if you damage now !
  2. Then, apply carefully top coat nor too thin, nor too thick on your nails.
  3. Let dry a few minutes. Have some patience, you almost have it!
  4. You can also extend your manucure applying a new coat a few days later.

Take it out with any remover!

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J'utilise ce top coat pour parfaire ma manucure, il m'est indispensable. Il protège le vernis des choques mais aussi augmente la brillance du vernis. Le rendu est juste sublime, il faut attendre que le vernis sèche bien pour ne pas tacher le pinceau. Je conseille vraiment d'utiliser un top coat, indispensable pour réussir une belle manucure.


Un indispensable pour une belle manucure

Pour avoir une brillance parfait j'applique toujours ce top coat sur ma manucure. Je trouve qu'il apporte effectivement une brillance supplémentaire à mon vernis et surtout il prolonge sa tenue. le temps de séchage est rapide.

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