Be Lasting nude experience base coat made in france
  • Be Lasting nude experience base coat made in france
  • Be Lasting nude experience base coat made in france

Be Lasting


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Our ultimate protective and lasting base coat.

Enriched with Camelia and Rosehip extract

€9.90 TTC


Why should you choose between a colour or a treatment on your nails? With Nude Experience, you have natural extract directly in the nails lacquer formula. All our Nails lacquers are enriched in Aloe Vera & Linseed oil to take care of your nails during each manicure.


Each nails lacquer has an hight pigmented formula to be opaque at the first coat, while leaving a glossy finish and impeccable long lasting. Please, use a base and top coat to complement your manicure.


Cosmetic standards evolve every day to offer the most responsible products possible. Therefore, since 2018, Regulation 1223/2009 (Annex II) formally prohibits the use of DBP and formaldehyde. Our formulas obviously follow the European regulation but not that… Our nail polishes are also free of Toluene, Camphor, Formaldehyde Resin, Xylene, Rosin and Styrene.


The formula of our nail polish is Vegan, without any material of animal origin. In Europe, the regulations prohibit animal testing, and we are also against any form of animal testing outside Europe.


All our products are carefully manufacture in French Laboratory and factory.


Everything has been thought to ensure that you easily realize the perfect manicure! All our products have a long and thin cap long fits the hand extremely well. With a big and large brush, you can apply the perfect dose on all your nails lacquer. Thanks to its fluid and covering texture, you only need one coat to completely cover your nails.


With a size of 0,3 Oz, you can do a lot of manicures. In off but not too much. Nude Experience is against waste. Responsible use for all.

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La base pour tout...


Impossible de me passer de ma base coat. Elle protège mes ongles ce qui me rassure beaucoup et rend l'application du vernis encore plus pratique. L'application est facile et il sèche assez rapidement, pas besoin de trop attendre pour mettre le vernis. A avoir absolument !

Une base...


En duo avec le top coat j'utilise la base pour une meilleure tenue. Je mets la base, 2 couches de couleur puis je termine par le to coat et j'ai une manucure parfaite et brillante qui dure une bonne semaine de manière parfaite. En plus le temps de séchage est très rapide.

A good one!


I like this basecoat. The thin layer protects my nail from staining and makes the polish last longer :)

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