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  • Oils & Extracts: Rosehip oil
  • 3 Review(s)

    Be Lasting

    Price €9.90

    Our ultimate protective and lasting base coat.

    Enriched with camelia and rosehip extract.

    Made in France

    9 ml- 0,3 oz

  • 6 Review(s)


    Price €9.90

    Our natural pink nude with a pastel shade inspired from the Senegal Salt Lake.

    Enriched with Rosehip oil.

    Made in France

    9 ml - 0,3 oz

  • 2 Review(s)


    Price €9.90

    A coral pink-orange very sparkly with gold pearls, inspired by d'un volcan in Hawaï. You are ready for the best summer look.

    Enriched with Rosehip and camelia oil.

    Made in France

    9 ml - 0,3 oz

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